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Half Day – 3hrs = £35pp

Full day – 6hrs = £70pp

2 day/Weekend – 12hrs = £120pp


Group booking, Half Day – Max 8 riders - £210

Group booking, 1 day – Max 8 riders - £420


Min of 2 riders for ride to take place.

Guided Mountain Bike Rides across South Wales

WyeMTB offer guided rides in 3 specifically picked locations across South Wales to offer our clients the perfect Mountain Bike Experience. If you are new to the sport or a seasoned veteran we can cater for your needs.


Our guides are fully qualified Mountain Bike Leaders and hold fully insurance from the National Governing Award for cycling in the Uk British Cycling


All 3 venues allow for your clients to pick the level of riding they want to commit to Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. A full break down of these levels is detailed below.


WyeMTB can provide a pick-up service from your accommodation upon request (Max of 4 Riders) we also have links with local accommodation providers to offer you the best deals.


If you would like more information, please get in contact 


The Wye Valley



The Wye Valley is every mountain bikers dream, long rolling hilltops, great climbs, long flowing Bridle ways with pubs dotted all over to keep us all hydrated.


Each ride has been pre-ridden to ensure maximum flow during the session. The guided rides can be designed with the participants needs at the heart, if you want technical climbs, we have them, if you want steep descents, we have them, if you want breath taking views over the valley, we have them...... unless its raining

Epic descents, amazing climbs, long ridge line routes, breath taking scenery, The Black Mountains, part of the Brecon Beacon National Park  has it all. The black Mountains have lots to offer all levels of Mountain bike riders.


Our guides have explored the area in great depth and have created routes around the area. The routes are split into 3 levels, so you the client can chose the route which best meets your desires. If you have any questions please get into contact

The Black Mountains

Level 1

Level 2

Level 1

Level 2

The Brecon Beacons



Wild, remote, beautiful therefore the Brecon Beacons were given National Park status in 1957. Our guides have spent many years walking, riding and climbing in the park, this is why we feel we offer the best guided rides within the park bounders.


WyeMTB are proud again to be able to offer three levels of riding to our clients, so everyone can get what they want from the Journeys.


Click below to find out more about the trips

Level 1

Level 2

Levels and Costs

Levels of Rides Explained

WyeMTB have graded the guide journeys to ensure everyone who books with us know exactly what they are getting from their selection. If you ever want to chat your choices through or you have a specific request, please get in contact.


WyeMTB do offer a Half day trip - 3hrs and full day trips of 6hrs. The times are inclusive of a welcome brief, kit and bike checks and stops throughout the ride.

Level 1

This is the base of our guided rides, very little up and down, the pace will be calm and there will be lots of stopping points, plus some added informal coaching to improve your skills throughout the ride


Level 1 rides allows are clients to be introduced in the to the World of Mountain biking in a calm and progressive manor.


Distance: 10km - 20km

Terrain: Country lanes, Fire roads,

Gradient: 100m - 200m Max

Clients experience: Beginner (need to be able to ride a bike)

Clients fitness: Some fitness

Level 2

Level 2 is a step up from the level 1 guided rides, this level is also our most popular level for guided rides.


During the ride riders should expect some good climbs as well as some excellent descents. The routes are not set in stone, this allows our guides to deliver the perfect journey for each group.


Distance: 20km - 30km

Terrain: Fire roads, single track, Technical climbs/descents, Red trails at trail centres

Gradient: 200m - 800m Max

Clients experience: Rider should have ridden a few MTB rides of around 15km + and be happy with climbing a descending

Clients fitness: Sound level of fitness

Level 3

The BEAST, this level is always a day's ride and allows us to go into back country, away from the crowds, away from traffic and get into the highest end of Mountain bike guiding.


Level 3 rides are a serous undertaking and you will need to speak to us before we allow people to book onto this level of guided rides.


Distance: 30km - 50km

Terrain: Mountain route, High exposed and committing

Gradient: 1000m+

Clients experience: Ideally have already taken part in a level 2 ride with us. Experienced rider with a good knowledge of bikes, their limites

Clients fitness: A rider who regularly rides