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Foundations of MTB
Core skills of MTB




Here at WyeMTB we offer a wide range of mountain bike skill courses. These courses have been designed to improve your overall mountain bike experience and give you greater confidence on a ride.


The courses have been set at 3 different levels which means you can choice the right level for you.


1. The 'Foundation MTB' course focuses on the basics of mountain biking this includes braking, gentle climbs and gentle descents.

2. The 'Core MTB' course introduces the rider to more dynamic riding styles such as the attack position, effective braking, front wheel lifts and rear wheel lifts.

3. The 'Advanced MTB' course focuses on advanced techniques such as drop offs, step-ups and technical climbing and descending


WyeMTB use a range of coaching techniques to get the most out of our skills sessions such as group discussion, video analysis and photos all done out on the trail. The skills courses are carried out during a half-day 3 hrs session. If you contact us before booking we can discuss your needs and design the perfect skills course.



Mountain Bike Skills Courses

Foundations of MTB

Advanced MTB skills

This is the most 'advanced' session we run which looks at generic MTB skills.


The session is will happen on open-moor land, mountain and exposed natural terrain, red and black runs at trail centres


Perfect for the MTB rider wanting to nail the unreachable


- Technical climbing

- Bunny hops

- Lateral hops

- Drop offs

- Step ups

Progressive skill courses


- £40 pp  - Minimum of 2 people per course - 3 hr session

- £70 pp - Minimum of 2 people per course - 6 hr ession


- 1 to 1 coaching  = £90 - 4 hr session

- 1 to 1 Coaching = £120 - 6 hr session

This is the very 1st stage of mountain biking and will take place in flat areas e.g. car parks, fire tracks and family cycling routes.


Perfect for the beginner


- Getting on and off your bike safely

- MTB setup

- Controlled braking

- Gentle climb

- Gentle descending

- A small MTB journey to embed all the skills

Core skills of MTB

This is the second stage of becoming a better mountain Bike rider. The session will happen on fire tracks, single track, up to 600M of height in a Natural environment and 'red graded' trails at trail centres


Perfect for a intermediate rider wanting to improve


- The Ready / Attack position

- Effective braking

- Front wheel lifts

- Rear wheel lift

- Cornering

- Track stands

Core skills of MTB Advanced MTB Skills The Gap Brecon Beaoncs Core skills